Valkyrie Memorials

Valkyrie Memorials

Create a beautiful online memorial for a loved one

At Valkyrie Memorials our aim is to provide a great online memorial service, preserving the memory of your loved ones for future generations. An online memorial is a profile created and stored on our website for a loved one who has passed away.
Our memorials contain: a biography, photo and video gallery, key information, tributes from friends and relatives, optional charity donation, memorial invite/share features and more.


Online memorials are anexcellent way to ensure that your loved ones are always remembered and can be accessed anywhere, anytime by friends and family around the world. They are also a great way to capture the essence of what a person was like through a detailed personal biography describing their character, life and achievements along with images and video to help bring it to life.

There is no greater gift than to preserve a loved one’s memory”
What makes Valkyrie different is our focus on providing high quality, permanent memorials that are designed to stand the test of time giving your loved ones a place in history.


Online memorials are simple to create, can be updated at any time and can contain as much or little information as you wish.

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Those we remember are never truly gone

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