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Sweeney Miller Solicitors

Sweeney Miller has client care as its core value and understands its clients’ needs and as such the firm has developed specialist departments so that those needs are met by a solicitor with appropriate experience

We deal with all aspects of lifetime and estate planning:

  •       Lasting Powers of Attorney
  •       Court of Protection
  •       Asset Protection
  •       Wills
  •       Obtaining Grant of Probate
  •       Administering Estates.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are an important document which enables appointed Attorneys to deal with matters on your behalf should you no longer wish to do so yourself, or should you no longer have the mental ability to make decisions on your own behalf. This is especially important if you think that you may need to receive care in a Care Home, or should you wish someone to deal with financial matters on your behalf. You must have mental capacity in order to appoint an Attorney so it is important to implement Lasting Powers of Attorney sooner rather than later.

We often have a family member approach us due to a parent or partner suffering from Alzheimers Disease or Dementia unfortunately it is then too late for them to make an effective Lasting Power of Attorney. If you are in this position we are able to help you make an application  to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a Deputy to enable you to take control of their affairs.
Another matter to consider, no matter what your age, is your Will.
Unfortunately, many people assume that their estate will automatically pass to their spouse or children but this may not be the case if you do not have a Will.

Without a Will, the law decides who inherits and this may not be in accordance with your wishes.

Our Will writing service includes funeral wishes and inheritance tax planning in order to ensure that your money and property go to those you want it to.

You may also wish to consider placing your property into an Asset Protection Trust during your lifetime in order to try to protect your property from being used in any financial assessment for Care Home fees. Sweeney Miller understands that you have worked hard to buy your property and we can help you with establishing an Asset Protection Trust.

We can also offer assistance to you if you have lost a loved one. We know that losing a loved one is a stressful time and you need the time and ability to grieve without having to deal with the issues of obtaining a Grant of Probate or carrying out your loved ones wishes. You can pass this burden to us so that we can obtain the Grant of Probate (if necessary) and deal with the entire administration of the estate.

We are always happy to discuss making a will with you and any other related matters, free of charge and without obligation. Home visits are routine and can be arranged at short notice as and when required.

Over the years we  have developed a strong client base in Sunderland and the North East as well as clients from across the country in areas such as conveyancing, property matters, personal injury and business matters. The firm aims to continue to provide an unrivalled service to its existing clients whilst also attracting new clients through its reputation for providing expert legal advice, outstanding service and exceptional client care. From its offices in the Ashbrooke area of Sunderland we provide pro-active, independent, practical advice for individual clients and businesses.

Other services we provide are Property matters, Business matters, Personal Injury and Family Law.

Should you wish to discuss any matters with us then please contact us.
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