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Funeral Transport  Go out in style!

We are all aware that the most important thing about a funeral procession is the people in it – both those living, and mourning, and the deceased. The journey to a funeral ceremony can be an incredibly emotional time. Our philosophy at funeral magazine is that a funeral can be a celebration of life event. The choices you make in all aspects of funeral planning can be a tribute to the individuality of the person who has died, including transport arrangements. Why assume that the sight of a pink hearse will diminish the sympathy and respect of a passer by? It will still inspire those emotions but it will be followed by a smile and a thought for the person inside.

fmSo, how do you choose the perfect vehicle for your final outing?

Do you need a vehicle at all? It sometimes seems absurd when an entire funeral takes place within a small village and there are three hired cars to convey mourners 100 yards!
How many people will be travelling?

If you are a staunch traditionalist the black hearse and following limousines is a widely available option and will probably be your vehicle of choice. Or maybe you want something a little different but not too outrageous. There are companies who provide a silver or white hearse and fleet. They offer a stylish and refreshing alternative to the sombre black procession we are all so used to.
Although it has always been perceived as the norm there is no law that states a coffin must be conveyed in a hearse so let your imagination roam free.


This will be your last journey so maybe you want something a bit more adventurous!
A vintage, red, double decker bus is a stylish and practical option – it will certainly make a statement and everyone can travel together.
fmIf retro is your thing then how about a classic VW campervan?
Assuming that, during your life, your preferred mode of transport was a motorcycle then how about a motorcycle and sidecar ‘hearse’ ?
A Land Rover or estate car offer an efficient alternative.
Uber traditionalists (and goths) might prefer a classic, victorian-style, horse drawn carriage with full feathers and black velvet curtains.
It’s worth noting that horse drawn vehicles are also a great option for eco funerals, along with a bicycle hearse.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Here at funeral magazine we are always happy to hear new stories from our readers. If you have an interesting anecdote, picture or have attended an innovative, inspirational funeral we’d love to hear from you!

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